Taking care of your health should be seen as a priority on your wealth investment portfolio, because it is the primary place where you live/exist. It is the most valuable asset that yields the highest returns on investment, and must not be viewed as an additional expense. Frequently, people become caught -up in a busy world of pursuing dreams, lifestyle changes, career growth, while neglecting to prioritize their health. Your physical health and internal wellbeing is paramount to any business or financial success.

Business and Financial Success

Today’s Corporate and Business climate are very demanding, thus requiring much from employees. But even though you may be key to your company’s operations, always remember that your health is of paramount importance. Working prolonged hours while neglecting to eat regular healthy meals, drink water, relax, and have inadequate sleep will all return to haunt you in the form of poor health.

Lack of good health will result in frequent absenteeism, inability to function effectively, hinder career growth, and negatively impact company performance. This is where your body will remind you that “Your Health is Wealth”. Due to your illness, frequent doctor’s visits and associated medical expenses can gradually or quickly deplete your financial nest egg. Then, eventually your prolonged illness may result in you being unable to enjoy the luxury items you purchased such as a new home, an expensive car, water/sports equipment, as well as going hiking, fish, canoeing and skiing. Additionally, your stress and pain levels can probably be elevated to the point where vacations have become meaningless. Now your social and family life are at an all time low, and you cannot enjoy the company of your loved ones or hard earned financial investments because you failed to prioritize your health needs.

Always remember that without good health, much cannot be accomplished, material wealth can never replace your health, and your health is not an expense, it is an investment in you wellbeing and quality of life.


Your health is the most valuable investment you can make. True wealth should not be measured by material or financial assets, but by your well being and vitality. Embrace a lifestyle that invests in you physical and mental well being, then watch as it unlocks unparalleled prosperity and happiness. Take the first step today towards a healthier you, because your health is the ultimate path to true wealth. Make it the most valuable asset on your investment portfolio.

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