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Health Scoup is a remarkable healthy choice Blog Website that was established in June 2023. This incredible journey started many years ago when I lost my mother to cardiovascular disease at the age of 62. It was one of the most painful periods in me and my family’s lives. In the ensuing years, several other family members succumbed to heart attacks and other chronic diseases due to unhealthy eating habits.

Ever since, I have embarked on the path of healthier lifestyle choices and sharing with others the importance of incorporating fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, peas and beans into one’s daily diet. This leads to a more enjoyable, healthier and happier life, while reducing the high risks of disease and inflammation in the body.  

The mission of Health Scoup is to make Health and Wellness a Wealth Priority Globally by inspiring more people to eat healthier, to beat disease and inflammation in their bodies.  This is an essential daily priority that should be treated as an investment towards longevity and a healthier happy life, not as an additional expense.